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Redfin Feature – How to Incorporate Wallpaper Into Your Home

September 30, 2020 by Julia Weaver If you’re wanting to add a little pattern to your home to refresh your space, wallpaper is one way to step outside your comfort zone and make a statement in any room. This versatile design trend has returned full force and with more patterns than ever before. Still hesitant? We’ve asked […]

How To Choose The Best Wallpaper For a Bathroom

LE ROI hotel bathroom wallpaper

Which vinyl wallpaper works best in the bathroom? Finding bathroom wallpaper ideas can be a difficult task, some might even view a bathroom as one of the more challenging environments to style. The fact that there’s moisture within the bathroom space, is also a concern – one that can be placated. Whilst for some, it’s […]

How To Pick The Best Wallpaper For a Restaurant

floral wallpaper in restaurant

Interior design can be a challenge for restaurants, across a variety of different niches whether it’s a bakery, cafe, popular lunchtime spot, fast food joint, or fine dining restaurant – wallpaper is an element of your restaurant’s interior that you can customize to suit your type of restaurant, brand and theme to-a-tee! Restaurant style and theme […]