5 Pattern Design Trends for 2021

We have entered a new decade, after a year of forced change. Naturally there are going to be changes in design trends. Visuals over the last few years have become even more important, with many expanding their knowledge in graphic design. To help you keep up with trends we take a look at a few current design trends. We recently looked at 2021 interior design trends, but here we are more specifically going to look at 5 pattern design trends to keep an eye on in 2021.

1. Maximalism

The last decade’s design was commanded by minimalism, but as we enter into a new decade it seems that the pendulum is swinging in the other direction. Maximalism is the movement taking the spotlight.

Maximalism is a style using mixed patterns, saturated colours, and excessive curated collections. It encourages utilising your space in the boldest way possible. Maximalist patterns range from cabana stripes to animal prints, it is about the layering.

You can try out the maximalist design space by starting small with pattern-on-pattern throw pillows or different fabrics.


Este Macleod

Palm Delft Monkeys

Franco Moz

2. All Natural

After more than a year of predominantly being at home, more and more homeowners want to bring the feeling of being outside in. This will probably be interpreted using a number of different styles, such as an old-Hollywood glam, or a traditional, whimsical space.

This trend will use a variety of colour palettes. If you are embracing the maximalist trend, you can opt for bold floral or botanical themed patterns. For something a little more subtle, try toning down the colour palette or simplifying the natural elements used.

Another way to subtly include natural elements is through the use of solid neutrals, like a crisp beige, to provide an organic feeling and serve as a backdrop to other patterns.

Forest Walk Way Fraser Island Australia

Des Kleineibst

Pond Green

Jessica Warrick

3. Handmade & Eco Dying

A combination of more time at home and a growing appreciation for nature, the natural outworking is a new focus on fabrics that are handmade and use eco-dying. When eco-dying plants are enclosed in textiles or paper, then bundled by winding over rods or stacked in layers. They are then steamed or immersed in hot water to extract pigments onto the fabric. The product is organic and unique with no one pattern being the same because each piece has its own touch.

These handmade and ecological dying techniques can result in beautiful, imperfect and uneven patterns.


Lin Barrie


Lin Barrie

4. Stone & Grey

Using stone and grey themes in patterns is coming back in 2021. Many designers will aim to keep the same shades of grey but use them in new and improved ways. While others will use textures of marble and stone patterns that have not been seen before.

Grey and stone and patterns offer effortless elegance and combination of coal, lightness and warm natural tones. Within this is great flexibility in tiling patterns, which allows people to choose their specific preference when it comes to tile and flooring patterns.

Stone & grey also work well in hexagonal, modular and basket weave patterns. The neutral tones mean that busy patterns using the tones don’t become overwhelming. This trend provides all of the choices you might want.



Light Blue Grey

5. Soothing and cozy, pastels

This trend is more about the colours contained within, rather than the specific pattern itself. That is pops of pastel within patterns. The trend started with millennial pink but has now moved to other hues, including soft greens, blues and yellows. The key to these pops of pastels is to choose colours that are less saturated and have almost a dusty look.

These types of pastels provide a soothing and cozy feel to different patterns. Offering maximum calmness without sacrificing colour.

Alcea Cielo

Patricia Braune

Swoops Loops

Tara Deacon

Get new pattern designs and learn more about trends

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