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Thank you for choosing Robin Sprong Wallpaper (Pty) Ltd as your surface provider.


Please note that by accepting a RSW quote or invoice, you have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise stipulated in writing. We require a deposit of 90% to confirm orders.

Non-defective products (your right to return due to cooling-off right) Save for certain exceptional cases (including purchases of made-to-order products, goods that the price depends on fluctuation), you are entitled to return any purchase concluded by The Supplier within 7 calendar days of the product(s) being delivered. In order to obtain a purchase price refund, the product(s) being returned must be sent back to The Supplier in accordance with the return procedure set out below.

Consequently, if upon receiving your purchase you are not satisfied with your choice of product(s) and wish to return it for a refund as aforesaid, please retain the product(s)’ original packaging and do not use product. If the incorrect product is delivered to you, please do not remove the product from its original packaging or try the product on at all. Please promptly contact The Supplier to notify The Supplier thereof, so that we can resolve the matter by arranging to collect such product from you and deliver the correct product to you as quickly as possible.


Projects will only commence on proof of receipt of a 90% payment and the monies cleared in our bank account. International projects will only commence on receipt of proof of 100% payment and all monies cleared. This may take several days depending on payment method. Projects will only be printed once a final client approval and confirmation has been sent via email. RSW carries no responsibility for project delays due to late payments, late sign offs, technical difficulties beyond our control, or ill prepared wall surfaces (please refer to ‘preparation of walls’ section). We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and other secure online payment options.

RSW reserves the right to increase prices if a deposit has not been paid within 14 days of receipt of an estimate, this is due to the current volatility of the Rand and the Dollar exchange rate as many of our materials are imported. Please ensure that you pay your deposit as soon as possible in order to secure your order.

Prices are based on the cost of materials and production costs at the time an estimate is created. Our estimates are only valid for 30 days from date it is sent. A reasonable cancellation fee will be imposed in the event of cancellation of orders. No refunds on custom made/ made-to-order goods.

Product and service price increases will be reviewed on an annual basis.


It is the responsibility of the client to check information against the Layout. The following needs to be confirmed:

  • General layout
  • Image/artwork choice and artwork scale
  • Sizes
  • Substrate/Media choice

These all need to be confirmed via email correspondence with your ‘project manager’. We cannot confirm sizes over telephonic or instant message conversations – all sizes need to be provided as a record in writing to ensure that we print exactly what is requested.

RSW will not be responsible for any errors in manufacturing the information/artwork as indicated and signed off on the layout/printed sample.


Kindly state the use of the wallpaper in order to choose the correct material for instance: bathrooms where water and steam may be present.


RSW assumes that, the client has verified all the detailed information after the artwork approval and RSW will not be held responsible for any changes made after work has been approved. A maximum of 2 changes (within means) per artwork will be allowed, thereafter, an hourly design fee will be levied, to be quoted and accepted by the client before changes are made.

  • Please ensure that you physically sign a print proof and provide RSW with that signed proof, should specific colours, scale or design be requested. “Printing will be delayed until we receive a signed print proof, and RSW will not be held liable for any delays/damages in this regard”. RSW in turn may request a physical signature from the client for the same reason.

In the event that a client has a signed proof they can either scan the signature in or take a photo with a smart phone or simply send us written confirmation that they are happy and we may proceed.


Generally all walls are skew and therefore RSW will add 50mm bleed all around to ensure the entire wall is covered. Should the client take their own measurements, care should be taken to measure the wall in at least 3 places for the overall height as well as the width:

  • To measure height: left, center & right side.
  • To measure width: bottom, middle & top.
  • Please note any positions of plug points, windows, etc. (with relevant sizes); this may affect a mural image.
  • Please also note any reveals that will need wallpapering, as this is often a crucial detail that needs to be considered.
  • All walls are quoted on final wall sizes. We will ignore any window or door openings as we print for the entire wall.
  • All measurements to be given in mm or feet/inches.

Width x Height – in that order (e.g.: 3000mm W x 2600mm H). Sizes are rounded up to cater for bleed and overlap.

Measurements given to RSW by the client is solely the responsibility of the client and should be checked again against the quote/invoice/PO and signed off Layout. RSW will not be held responsible for incorrect sizes and measurements given.


The turnaround time is measured in working days and begins as follows:

  1. Deposit is paid.
  2. Sign off and ‘go ahead’ via email verifying/confirming all information. Please allow
    10 to 14 working days unless differently stated and agreed upon.

Whilst delivery times are given in good faith and we use every endeavour to comply herewith, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage incurred by the Customer on account of any delay in delivery arising out of any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, which circumstances will include, but in no way be limited to:

Any delays in the supply of goods by our Suppliers which cannot be directly or indirectly attributed to them.

If the balance of the purchase price payable on delivery is not payable on date of anticipated delivery.

Late sign offs.

Ill prepared wall surfaces.

Any delays in delivery will be communicated immediately.

Production process usually takes 10 – 14 working days once we recieve proof of payment as well as your approval of artwork.


A digital preview is never realistic enough a preview in terms of colour and contrast. Whatever is printed out can never be expected to be exactly the same as that seen on a computer monitor. Even an enlarged version of the same image will also differ from the digital preview.

In some instances, if the variant of the actual print is out by more than 50%, a claim may be justified. It is recommended to do a test print first, and responsibility for this falls on the client who must request a test print. If the client does not request a test print, no claims can be made. Samples will be provided on request and may be billed for before proceeding to print, unless otherwise stipulated.

Due to the use of digital media, RSW can only suggest a scale and colour for a chosen design/pattern, even if samples may have been sent on a previous occasion, this cannot be treated as a conclusive and is still subjective. Furthermore various media have different print qualities and colour will vary from media to media. Sometimes, actual printed wallpaper may not match the given sample. A specific scale and colour tone should be agreed upon before a job is printed on request of the client. If this has not been specified, RSW will reserve the right to print the tonal values and scale based on the artwork.

It must also be noted that RSW produces bespoke, custom made artworks. This means that slight discolorations between panels and visible join lines do often occur. These are not to be viewed as defects but as a result of the processes necessary to create the product we create.


RSW takes utmost care to package goods securely and if the client arranges their own courier company and chooses not to use ours the responsibility rests on the client to ensure goods are delivered and received in good order. RSW will not take responsibility for goods damaged in transit if own courier company is used.

RSW calculate courier cut off dates for deadlines set by the client. In the event that a delay should result due to poor management on behalf of the courier company, RSW denies all claims or penalties for late delivery.


In the event that walls are not prepared or ready in time for the agreed date of installation, no installation will be done and a quotation for penalty fees will be quoted – only upon approval of and payment of quote will a new installation date be arranged. Walls must be clean, smooth and dry. The room must be dust free and cleared of obstacles that can obstruct the delivery of a professional installation.

RSW is required to comply with South African Health and Safety regulations. In the events that RSW manages the on-site installations, adequate access and facilities must be provided for by the client. For Health and Safety purposes, no installation may take place unless a safe and unencumbered space is provided for the team to work in.

On installation, RSW will not remove any electrical, security devises or wall fixtures and will cut around these items. Our installers are not qualified electricians or security experts and we will not interfere with such devices. Should the client prefer that wallpaper not be cut away, then this would be for the clients’ own arrangement for removal of fixtures.

All walls and/or wooden surface needs to be PREPPED, PRIMED and PAINTED with a universal oil-based primer and 2 coats of 100% fully washable paint (ie Velvaglo).

Freshly painted walls should air dry for at least 6 – 7 days if possible. In some instances, existing wall finishes may reject vinyl in which case RSW will not be held liable. RSW will not be held liable for any damp walls that may reject the wallpaper.


It is the client’s responsibility to check all printed items before commencing cutting and installation. All items should be checked in advance for faults such as or colour variances contradictory to brief. Should installation take place and then afterwards client decides that the image no longer falls in their taste, no claims whatsoever can be made to RSW.


Should the client feel that there is an issue with their wallpaper installation (misalignment, etc.), RSW must be notified within 7 days post installation/delivery/collection. RSW will not be held liable for any installation defects/snags after the 7 day period.

Joins between panels are often unavoidable due to the installation processes required for wallpaper. We will gladly come and inspect the joins if the client believes that they are severe. It is up to our discretion to decide whether or not the joins are reasonably visible or not. Furthermore, we can then move towards using a process called “chalking” to amend the joins, but we do not recommend it, as the chalking colours don’t necessarily always match the inks printed.


In the instance of the client arranging their own installation, the responsibility for the end result no longer rests on RSW and our role has now effectively changed to that of the print suppliers. Please do your research properly before attempting to install wallpapers yourself, there is a lot of information available on the internet as well as videos on Youtube.com.


  • Wallpaper and Vinyl: Layouts are submitted to our installers with all projects and panels clearly marked. Installers will install according to this layout. RSW provides overall bleed for each wall and also provide an overlap between panels, which will be cut away as a butt-join finish.
  • MJet Pre-gummed DIY wallpaper: MJet DIY wallpaper is pre-gummed and should be wet with water and applied onto the walls. The client should clearly specify if this media is required lest another similar substrate will be sent that is not pre-gummed.


Vinyl is supplied in widths of approximately 1.2m; therefore there may show a visible join if the print spec is larger than that of 1.2m. Upon installation, it may require a 1 – 2mm overlap or a small gap between the printed panels. This is standard because vinyl is unpredictable and can shrink over time, especially in air-conditioned spaces. Standard Vinyl carry a 5 – 7 year guarantee.


All artwork provided by RSW may only be used by clients with the consent of RSW. All artwork purchased/created by RSW for the client remains the property of RSW and can be reissued for other customers unless otherwise stipulated in writing in the contract or if you have purchased the sole rights to this artwork.

RSW will not be held responsible for copyright infringement as a result of client negligence and/or ignorance. This refers to clients providing RSW with artwork that they have sourced by their own means – under such circumstances, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the artwork has been acquired legally and that they have the rights to use it as they wish.

A quote will be issued before any additional work by RSW is incurred in any way as a result of copy or brief as supplied by a client not being clear and/or legible and is approved by the client.

Proofs of all work will be submitted for customer’s approval. After approval, RSW shall not be liable for any errors that were not corrected by the client in the print proofs. Additional charges may be made for any extra proofs that are required as a result of alterations requested by the customer after approval.

When style, type or layout is left to RSW discretion, any subsequent changes to such style, type or layout required by the customer shall be subject to additional charges on a time and materials basis.

A quotation for all work will be issued and work will not commence unless the quotation is approved by the client. RSW has the right to charge the client for any approved design time, regardless whether or not the client proceeds with printing the final product or not.

RSW reserves the right to use the clients’ artwork and photographs of printed media, for advertising, marketing and portfolio uses.

RSW studio will not be held responsible for images purchased and edited by the clients’ own designers.

Images supplied by RSW have certain scale limitations and its inherit quality may not be suitable to fit certain wall specifications. RSW will inform the client of this.


Photographic artwork does not require all areas to be in focus. It is up to the client to check that your choice of artwork is up to his/her expectations. Any photographic blurred parts generally have nothing to do with the print quality and are mostly the artwork. The photographers that we represent are professional photographers and they each have a particular signature style, like any other artist.

RSW is merely the facilitator in printing and installing the final image choice of the client and the choices made available, must be to RSW’s considered standard of merit. In the event of photographic artwork selected from images represented by RSW, the choice made by the client is subjective. Should the client later decide that the artwork is no longer suitable, the artwork can be reprinted, but for the client’s own account.

In the event of artwork supplied by the client or purchased online, RSW can make suggestions if they feel the image quality would not match an acceptable standard; RSW cannot be held responsible for the overall quality of artwork provided by the client or purchased online.

In the event of an online purchased image, or images supplied by the client, RSW does not necessarily know the artwork or if there are artwork flaws in the artwork, and this would solely be for the risk of the client. Should the client not be willing to take this risk, they can then employ RSW to check the artwork at an additional fee.

All artwork is merely a subjective argument and RSW will not be held responsible for the final choice made by the client. RSW is merely the facilitator, printer and installer. When the quality of the images is in question, RSW may send scaled previews (enlarged or reduced in size) for approval.

Over time, your wallpaper will take on some of life’s unavoidable nicks, scratches and character. This is a part of its life and is perfectly normal. It means the wallpaper has lived within your home as much as you have yourself, and has adapted to its environment and is a part of the stories of the walls within your home. This will not be seen as a defect, and RSW will not be liable in such instances.


In accordance with the CPA

If, within 6 months after delivery of a product to you: You find that the product(s) is defective/faulty, unsuitable for the purpose generally intended (or otherwise expressly indicated by The Supplier at time of purchase), or not legal or reasonably durable (based on the circumstances and product type) (“defective”); and – you arrange to return such product to The Supplier for inspection in accordance with the returns procedure in below, and the product is subsequently found to indeed be defective, you are entitled to either – (a) be fully refunded, or (b) have the product repaired or replaced at The Supplier expense. If the product is found NOT to be defective, you will NOT be entitled to any repair, replacement or refund but will instead be liable for the costs incurred in having such product returned to The Supplier and then redelivered to you.

When is a product defective? Please note: the following are examples of things which will NOT be regarded as defects and will NOT entitle you to any repair, replacement or refund under the general warranty above: faults resulting from normal wear and tear; damage arising from incorrect usage of the product, misuse and abuse and not following instructions of the product.


You may not under any circumstances return the following: Non-defective products that have been “made to order”. (You will be notified in the relevant Online Sale if the products are “made to order”.) Products that you or any other person has altered, repaired. Return procedure to be followed Contact the supplier by e-mail info@robinsprong.com and specify the following: – the reason for the return; -the date the product(s) was bought and the date the product(s) was delivered including a reference number or proof of purchase; -the banking details for the refund (if applicable) -Do not return the product without written approval of The Supplier. -The supplier will either arrange collection of the return product(s) or give you instructions of how the product(s) must be returned.


The client hereby indemnifies and holds harmless RSW from any and all claims, loss or damage arising from any claim or action brought against RSW and arising from or due to the client’s breach of the obligations set out in this clause.

Should RSW suffer any damages due to the above RSW will be entitled to sue the client for these damages.

I hereby indemnify the Supplier against claims for harm/damage cause to me/property due to reasons beyond the reasonable control or unintentional act of any person, whether or not in the employ of the supplier. This will include, but is not limited to loss or damage caused:

As a result of fire or theft, or any economical loss pertaining to the harm/damage caused.

Due to walls and/or wooden surfaces that were not prepped, primed and painted correctly before installation.


Should a product you have ordered be:

1. temporarily unavailable, The Supplier will notify you thereof as well as the anticipated delay in delivery and, unless you agree to wait for such longer period for delivery, or accept delivery of another product instead.
2. permanently unavailable, The Supplier will notify you and, unless you agree to accept another product instead, The Supplier will issue a refund in respect of that product to you.

* Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time without prior notice

May 2022/Robin Sprong Wallpaper (Pty) Ltd