How To Pick The Best Wallpaper For The Bedroom

Which kinds of wallpaper are the best fit for the bedroom?

The bedroom is a space that needs to resonate with the person, or people, sleeping and relaxing within the space.

It can be a challenge to find good bedroom ideas for vinyl wallpaper, that focus on the kinds of colours, patterns and textures you might like – so let us help!

bedroom wallpaper with with graphic of plants in differing blue hues

Below, we’ve compiled different types of wallpapers and examples for you to have a look over for inspiration. Whether it’s floral wallpaper, rustic wallpaper, scenic wallpaper with stunning photography or fabric wallpapers – find something that will fit the theme for your bedroom.

For singles, this is a more personal space and choosing a wallpaper that reflects your personality would be a good idea, and we’ll provide some basics to guide your choice.

For couples, this is an environment that needs to suit a certain atmosphere, and have a certain inviting nature. It’s all about finding the right balance and choosing something for which you and your partner can share an appreciation.

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We’ll cover a range of bedroom wallpaper ideas, and approaches you could use to pick the perfect wallpaper for any bedroom!

Create an inviting shared space or a tasteful personal environment

Crafting an inviting and tranquil atmosphere is a goal for a lot of couples, but it’s best to go for a feel that you know will suit your style, as a single or shared vision as a couple.

Some ideas include creating an atmosphere that’s romantic, friendly and peaceful, or going for something that’s slightly more conservative and has a traditional feel.

Picking colours that go along with one of these visions can be a challenge – as the colours you and your partner like will also have to work well in the space, create the right atmosphere and work well in the future.

It’s always a good idea to choose a wallpaper that you can grow with, and one with which your bedroom can evolve.

When you change throw pillows, linen, add new furniture or change decor in the bedroom in the future – you don’t want the environment you were trying to create to suddenly look “off”, unbalanced, and overwhelming.

We have some recommendations for colours, imagery and patterns for you to get your hands on and run with in a way that incorporates your style.

Colours, graphics and patterns

When picking colours, imagery and patterns, there are some ideas to keep in mind that could help you tailor the approach to the styling of your bedroom.

This helps when creating a wallpaper that will resonate with your theme, or the personal style of you and your partner, and ideas for creating the perception of extra space and a tranquil, inviting atmosphere.


Bedrooms need to feel like home, with a tranquil atmosphere. This is why bedroom wallpaper designs often refrain from using red tones, which are saturated, and striking in colour.

Instead, shades of blues, greens, beiges, pastel colours and coral tones can help create a subtle, tasteful atmosphere. And this is just for starters.


The kind of imagery you use is up to you. Floral wallpaper is popular as well as large leaves and fronds with intricate detail.

Choosing floral wallpaper for your space works as it balances intrigue, created by the detail of the floral illustrations, with the overall natural theme that usually conveys the feeling of a tranquil bedroom environment.

Flowers are also romantic, and a strong favourite for couples. Floral prints work well on their own or even as a single panel on a feature wall.

floral wallpaper creating inviting atmosphere in bedroom

If plants aren’t your thing and you’d rather rely on your colour scheme, a pattern, and potentially some texture, to create the kind of atmosphere you’re aiming for – then we also have some ideas for you!

In conjunction with the muted and more placid tones mentioned earlier, it’s a popular choice to pick soft textures for the wallpaper in your bedroom.

This again creates a subtle, calm atmosphere, and the texture develops intrigue on a visual and tactile level.

Light marble textures strike a middle-ground between eye-catching and elegant, creating a light textured wallpaper washed with shades of contrasting dark and neutral tones.

And the best part about a light texture and placid colour scheme is that it will create an elegant appeal that can fit a wide variety of furniture and upholstery moving forward.

However, it’s also equally as likely that a textured feel is your cup of tea, in which case a rustic wallpaper would work well.

An exposed stone face creates ideal texture, with fine detail to draw the eye’s focus. The natural and bare nature of the imagery creates a vintage, rustic feel that will work well with classic or modern furniture.

stone wallpaper in bedroom


Natural Patterns or Nature-inspired Patterns

Most people tend to stay away from very busy patters for wallpaper when designing their bedroom environment. It can sometimes be overwhelming within a space that is about relaxation.

However, a wallpaper with a minimalist, modern pattern and sophisticated colour scheme can be a good choice. It’s just about finding the right pattern that fits your taste and one that has a serene sort of feel that works within the boundaries of a calm, bedroom atmosphere.

bedroom wallpaper with natural theme and big fronds in a repeat pattern design

Sometimes, applying wallpaper to a whole bedroom wall isn’t what you’d prefer in your space. In this scenario, a canvas style print could be more appropriate or portioning one wall for a featured design or artwork.

It can appear less overwhelming and could work better for you if your budget is strict and you just need an eye-catching focal piece.

Have a look at the example below, that utilises just the portion of the wall that would align with the headboard of the bed. The pattern is also really minimalist and has a vertical and fluid repeat pattern.

featured wall natural wallpaper

Non-nature inspired patterns.

If nature-themed wallpaper, like a scenic landscape with vegetation, isn’t your thing – but you’re still looking for a pattern that can add some style to your bedroom space, you might consider a design like the one below.

The repetitive nature of the pattern isn’t too obvious, and it leaves enough negative space that the room still feels spacious and the wall doesn’t appear too busy either.

bedroom wallpaper with minimalist repeat pattern

Again, using contrasting darker tones and lighter shades of colour will create an intriguing style and a degree of space.

Space is created as the eye is drawn to the circular forms that exhibit a striking red tone, and angular rectangular forms that are black or bright orange in colour.

The background is a crisp white, that fades away from the foreground and also creates the feeling of space and calm amongst other visually striking colours within the pattern.

For those with outgoing personalities, you might consider a repeat pattern like the one below for your bedroom, if you’re feeling daring.

kama sutra repeat pattern wallpaper design for bedroom

This wallpaper is called Kama Sutra, and with reference to the image above, it pretty much explains itself.

This wallpaper would be an ideal fit for the bedroom, but only for a couple that’s looking to bring a bit of fun (and a good sense of humour) into the bedroom with this characterful wallpaper.

It still provides a contrast, with a black receding background and light white illustrations, or the inverse option (white background and illustrations in black) that catch your eye in the foreground – and add an element of lively, lighthearted fun.

Incorporating stunning scenic photography

One popular approach is incorporating some dazzling, scenic photography to decorate a bedroom’s walls.

Couples will definitely go for this approach, but it’s also popular for single bedrooms and guest bedrooms where there may be a little bit more freedom to style the space to suit a personal taste and an image that’s extraordinary

As it’s not a shared space, and you still want to maximise on creating an eye-catching atmosphere that guests will find memorable.

In terms of choosing the right photography – there isn’t really a wrong answer here.

It’s largely subjective, depending on the kind of photography you enjoy and the kind of theme you’ve set for the room.

However, a good idea is to pick photographs that create an illusion of boundless space – particularly when it’s a smaller bedroom.

bedroom wallpaper with desert imagery

This kind of image, that showcases a picturesque landscape and creates a sense of infinite space, is a good balance between style and substance.

The landscape creates intrigue whilst the illusion of maximum space helps create the perception of extra room in a bedroom that might have felt claustrophobic upon the first impression.

Have a look at the photographic bedroom wallpaper below, depicting the New York skyline, to get a feel for what a black and white photo wallpaper could look like in your bedroom at home.

bedrom with cityscape photography

A cityscape does create a feeling of extra space in the bedroom, and the intricate detailing of the buildings and lights add an eye-catching spark to the bedroom setting.

However, there’s something about a full-colour rustic wallpaper with a natural landscape that can sometimes be even more effective in creating the perception of unlimited space.

Have a look below at some examples we’ve created for clients bedrooms in the past.

guest bedroom or kids bedroom with photographic wallpaper of stunning mountain and lake view

A natural wallpaper can have sprawling mountain ranges and natural colour contrasts that occur between vegetation and other natural elements.

These forms have different proportions and create a perspective that truly feels like endless space.

A wallpaper with a natural landscape also accentuates a feeling of calm and tranquillity, as people often feel calmer when surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Another interesting choice, that meshes a personal passion with eye-catching photography and a calm atmosphere, would be this stunning surfing wallpaper below.

A photographic wallpaper is all about preference and atmosphere.

You could have a lovely scenic photo lining the walls of your bedroom but if it doesn’t appeal to your taste, it’s not going to be worth the atmosphere the image creates.

In this case, there is a definite personal-taste incorporated into this room and an atmosphere of adventure created by the surfer carving his way along a crashing barrel.

So, if you do plan on picking a photographic wallpaper, choose wisely. Think of photography that resonates with you, and/or your partner and then consider the colours that are present in this kind of photography.

Are they saturated, muted, overwhelming, underwhelming – and most importantly, what feeling do these colours make you convey? Especially if you were to be surrounded by them in a small. or large, sized bedroom?

This will help you understand whether your chosen photographic niche will mesh with the atmosphere you had in mind. If they’re not aligned, peruse some more portfolios until you find something that catches your eye and summarizes your vision for the room – and move forward from there!


Choosing the perfect wallpaper for the bedroom is definitely a challenge, but a lot of it boils down to personal preference – as long as you keep some of the core ideas we’ve mentioned in mind, relating to colours, patterns, creating space and atmosphere.

If your need for stunning bedroom wallpaper is for you and your partner, consult at length about the styles that you both would enjoy, and feel free to filter through our wide range of wallpapers to get the ball rolling.

If it’s a personal space or guest bedroom, consider maximising your creativity to tailor the bedroom to a personal taste.

Whether the wallpaper touches on the style of an art era you’re interested in, depicts nature as you feel most at peace in the outdoors, try to convey a part of your personality within an elegant and understated or lively and striking wallpaper.

To take the vision you have for your bedroom wallpaper and bring it to life spectacularly, book a consultation with Robin Sprong Wallpaper and our designers can help develop a wallpaper that’s the best fit for your bedroom.

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