Can I buy rolls of wallpaper?
Unfortunately no, we print to the dimensions of the wall, printed in panels according to the height of the wall.
How much does your wallpaper cost?
Each artists’ work falls into different price categories varying from R530 to R730 per m² ex VAT.
What is your lead time?
We have a 7 – 10 working day lead time AFTER both artwork approval and 70% deposit.
Can I supply the image for my print?
Yes, by all means. Please note that images need to be at least 2MB per m².

We accept TIFF, PDF, JPG, AI and RAW files.

Do you do custom wallpaper?
Yes, we do! It is costed at R650 per m² ex. VAT for every hour of design time.
How do I provide you with dimensions?
Measure in millimeters from the far left of the wall/surface to the furthest point on the right. Measure the highest height of the wall, excluding skirtings and finishes.
Do you install?
We can definitely arrange for installation. Please enquire into installation fees as they vary per region (JHB, CPT, DBN).
Can I get it on my window?
Yes, we offer various materials/substrates for various surfaces – windows, table tops, walls, dry walls, etc.
Can I get it on my brick walls?
Unfortunately not, the surface needs to be even and smooth. We suggest walls be smoothed, primed and painted (with a water-based paint) before installation.
There are many protrusions, doors and cabinets on my designated feature wall, and I’m struggling with the measurements. What do I do?
No worries! We are happy to do site visits and help you under such circumstances. We can work together to ensure we jot down the correct measurements.
I’m not sure if my wall is ready for wallpaper installation or if I should apply a new emulsion coat. What do I do?
Give us a call! We will be happy to do a site visit to ensure that you receive the best advise how to prep your wall for your new wallpaper.