Robin Sprong

Robin Sprong Wallpaper is the realisation of Robin’s drive to create one of the world’s leading surface design studios, with bespoke and custom-made pieces of the highest quality for local and international clientele. RSW was launched in 2006, and within the first year garnered industry attention. "What sets the work apart, then and now, is a focus on creative collaboration and artistic nurturance." 

Charmaine Vogt
General Manager

Charmaine is a cornerstone in our team, with comprehensive knowledge of Robin Sprong Wallpaper's operations, spanning shipping, finance, sales, and product lines. With a BCOM degree and over 14 years in financial management within the creative industry, she plays a pivotal role in steering our business towards continuous success, navigating industry complexities with finesse and strategic insight.


Hayley Baxter
Artist Manager

As Artist Manager, Hayley meticulously evaluates and selects emerging talent for representation. Identifying promising artists, negotiating contracts and overseeing their development in our industry. Collaborating with our existing artists, she enhances creative output, refining concepts to strike a balance between innovation and market appeal. Additionally, she oversees global print partner relationships.

Francois Mostert
Senior Designer

The man behind the majority of our masterpieces, he is a talented graphic designer and digital artist. From impactful looks for large scale, commercial projects to stylish solutions for more intimate, private spaces, designer Francois Mostert's trademark blend of elegance and luxury - with a touch of sensibility - brings life and vitality to all his creations. He also has his own exclusive design collection, under the name Franco Moz.

Naomi Boobbyer
Junior Designer

Our very own junior designer. Originally from the UK, Naomi studied Textile Design at Falmouth University and is a master with the Adobe design suite. With a keen eye for colour, composition and seamless pattern work, she uses her print-making and graphic design background to create custom made work for our clients. In her own time she uses her love of art to connect with others and works on her own clothing and print brand Sane&Fable.

Keyara Vogt
Sales & Customer Extraordinaire

The vibrant force behind our sales and admin operations. With several years of sales experience under her belt, Keyara brings a wealth of knowledge and a cheerful spirit to our team. She effortlessly juggles the intricacies of admin work whilst also building long lasting connections with our clients. Keyara is not just a team member; she is a customer satisfaction champion, dedicated to making every experience with our brand memorable.

Reese Button
Print Operations

The newest addition to our team and a rising star in our wallpaper business. As our print operations maestro, Reese brings a fresh perspective and a hunger for knowledge to the table. His dedication and eagerness to learn not only contributes towards the success of our team but also reflects his commitment to excellence. Reese stands out as a fast learner, his passion for the craft and pursuit of expertise make him an invaluable asset. We’re excited to have Reese on board, shaping the future of our operations with his enthusiasm and skill.

Busi Ntsaluba
Productions Manager

The dynamic force at the heart of our team, shouldering the responsibility for the mass production of artworks. An integral team member, Busi takes center stage once designs receive approval. Her crucial role unfolds in the production phase, where she transforms these designs into larger-than-life works of art. Beyond her pivotal contributions, Busi infuses the workspace with an uplifting attitude and warm nature, spreading joy and positive energy. In the realm of mass production, Busi stands as a vital presence, turning creative visions into tangible expressions of excellence.

Simba Sifana
Studio Production

Simba became a valued member of our team in 2018, taking on the pivotal role of meticulously checking all artwork for final production. With a keen focus on quality control, he ensures that every finished piece meets our highest standards before it goes to print. Simba's talents extend beyond his eagle-eyed attention to detail; he boasts impressive skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. Beyond the digital realm, Simba takes charge of operating the flatbed cutter for our vinyl products and handles special projects tailored to clients' unique requirements.

Anelisa Mkaza
Quality Control agent

The meticulous maestro behind the finishing touches and quality control. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, Anelisa ensures that every inch of our wallpaper panels meets the highest standards before they leave the production studio. Her keen eye for detail transforms each project into a work of art, ensuring a flawless delivery every time. Anelisa's dedication and precision make her an invaluable asset to our team, elevating the quality of our products to unparalleled heights.