Robin Sprong

RSW is the realization of Robin’s drive to create one of the world’s leading surface design studios, with bespoke and custom-made pieces of the highest quality for local and international clientele.

Francois Mostert
Senior Designer

The man behind the majority of our masterpieces, he is a talented graphic designer and digital artist. Francois works as hard as humanely possible to create incredible imagery.

Nadia du Plessis
Junior Designer

The latest addition to our team, with a degree in Visual Communications. She produces work of the highest quality & has an incredible instagram account. Check it out here.

Jacues Olivier
Project Manager

He comes with a degree in Project Management from the University of Stellenbosch Business School and there isn’t a problem Jacques can’t solve. Accounts, clients and office life, he does it all.

Celeste de Kock
Decorative Products Manager

Celeste is the manager of our ranges of decorative products, namely all our different wall tile stickers. She produces costings, quotes and delivery of the individual packs.

Busi Ntsaluba
Quality Control agent

Possibly the busiest of all our team members. Busi inspects each wallpaper panel and ensures it is up to standard. She does the packaging of all our prints, and never stops smiling.

Quality Control agent

Anelisa is Busi's right hand woman. With a great attention to detail, nothing gets past her. Each job gets triple checked before Anelisa lets it leave the office.

Shara Mordt

Based in Gauteng with a National Diploma in Interior Architecture from the UJ. She’s an interior designer, marketing rep and artist all in one. Shara always delivers.