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THE EMMA SHOW is a spectacle of creativity. A highly awarded South African creative that specialises in Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Art, Textile Design, Fashion, Mural Art, Experimental advertising + and good ’ol tom-foolery. Her work is testament to her character. Imaginative, free, unexpected. An endless feast for the eyes. She tests the norms of what should and shouldn’t be. Hailing from Johannesburg, she now lives in Cape Town. South Africa feeds her soul. She believes Africa is an oozing pot of patterns, colour beyond compare. A monument of movements. Sounds that will tickle your skin for days. It’s the lungs of the world. Deep and steady from which all grows. She spent much of her life in Ad Land. It made her tough like the Crayfish. But on the inside, she soft like a swan. She is now an independent creative working actively in all the fields she specialises in all around the world. She is super skilled in almost all mediums physical and digital. Years of craft, talent and playfulness have made her work an experience not to be missed. PS: Her normal life name is Emma Strydom but THE EMMA SHOW sounds way more badass.