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Danela Conti

Danela Conti is a Cape Town based Interior Designer who advocates and celebrates the world of lifestyle and design. With over 23 years in the industry as both an interior designer and apparel designer, her commissions have led her around South Africa and beyond, implementing with meticulous detail the briefs of her clients.
Customizing furnishings, fabrics, wall coverings and carpets have always been part of the creative process for her, which she has now channeled into her very own first collection for interiors, called Resort Africa.

Inspired by her clothing brand, her obsession with African bead-craft as well as the timelessness of The Italian Riviera and her love of early morning Atlantic Ocean swims, the collection reflects the simplistic elegance of coastal life.

Her digitally photographed images of Ndebele jewelry and classic shibori tie dye, juxtaposed with playful sea creatures and tropical fruits create a classic mix of aesthetics that play off of the moods and vibrancy of the African coastlines.