23 Best Interior Designers in Cape Town

gold bar interior design robin sprong

If you are looking for a great interior designer in Cape Town to design your dream residential or commercial space you’ve come to the right place. Here is our list of the 23 best interior designers in Cape Town.

It can be difficult to find the right interior designer that is reliable and has a great reputation. that is why we have put together our list of interior designers that we know are the best because we work with them!

Whether you are looking to revitalise your living space or redesign your office these South African interior designers will be able to deliver your vision.

ab design logo
ab design retro modern restaurant
ab design traditional modern interior


+27 87 150 6538

AB Design

At AB Design we know the things that we design and build need to last. The same applies to the relationships we strive to build with our clients.

We are here to stay and the trust and friendship built whilst working together is a big deal to us. We want to help you realise your dreams and goals so we listen carefully and use our experience, professionalism, and good design to guide you in the best direction possible while styling your interior space.

We offer services such as residential design, commercial design, retail design, exhibition design, and product design, to assist you in designing for a wide variety of environments and applications.

Have a look through our portfolio and contact us to get started on your designing your dream space!

cecile and boyde logo
cecile and boyde modern traditional interior
cecile and boyde retro interior


+27 21 425 5110

Cecile and Boyde

At Cecile and Boyde we offer a delicate mix of design services including creative direction, interior architecture and decoration.

Our approach to designing the concept for a space is unique to the environment and the feeling of the atmosphere we aim to create.

We identify appropriate architecture, the overall layout of the room, articulation of electrical layouts, and spatial planning to determine the flow and proportions of the space. After this, we style the space with a selection of sleek materials, furniture and finishes.

Our interior decoration covers bespoke furniture, fabric, and equipment services that even include custom-design of decor pieces.

To get capable help creating an elegant, eye-catching residential or commercial environment contact the team at Cecile and Boyde today!

clint savage logo
clint savage modern rustic design
clint savage modern wood design


+27 21 762 5892

Clinton Savage

Clinton Savage is an interior decorating and design service with a difference!

We have broad knowledge in the furniture retail world and we’re passionate about keeping up to date on the latest trends. We have developed reliable relationships with a comprehensive list of suppliers in residential and hospitality fields specifically.

For our complete list of services, and how we can help you design the interior for hotels, residential spaces. retail environments and more, visit our website and give us a call.

dhk logo
DHK thinkspace contemporary business architecture
DHK thinkspace contemporary bright workspace


+27 21 421 6803

DHK Thinkspace

DHK Thinkspace is an award winning, design-led multidisciplinary studio incorporating architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design.

By offering an integrated approach to design coupled with innovative and cost-effective solutions, we have garnered international recognition and projects that span four continents.

Our portfolio includes city-scale and urban development projects, individual buildings and their immediate environment, as well as the user experience of interior spaces.

With an unwavering commitment to design excellence, we have earned numerous architecture and design awards as well as winning several international competitions. To find out how we can maximise the style and functionality of your residential or commercial space, contact us via our website today!

ehh arch logo
EHH architects contemporary hotel design
EHH architects contemporary commercial design


+27 21 419 7760

EHH Architects

Edge Harper Hook Architects was founded in 1963 in Cape Town – later expanding to George and Oudtshoorn. Since its inception, EHH has steadily grown to become an established, respected, and experienced practice.

We believe that this growth and longevity is due to our dedication to quality service and the value we place on building long-term relationships. We are an energetic, enthusiastic team that is passionate about the services we offer our clients. Our combination of youth and experience gives us the ability to develop innovative yet pragmatic designs, with attention to detail.

Our strong command of the latest architectural computer software and management skills afford us more freedom to explore our creativity, collaborate with other consultants and demonstrate designs to clients in 3D.
EHH is structured to handle a vast range of projects and, with time, we have acquired considerable expertise in running large, fast-tracked projects.

Visit our website and contact us to see how we can help you design a seamless, stylish space for your commercial or residential premises.

francois du plessis interiors logo
fancois du plessis modern interior
fancois du plessis modern interior


+27 21 461 1166

Francois du Plessis

Francois du Plessis has been been in the decorating industry for 31 years and based out of Cape Town, South Africa -what a city!

“I have worked on various commercial properties including hotels, guest houses, bars, restaurants, and retail shops. My experience also spans residential properties both nationally and internationally in cities such as London, Berlin, Sydney, New York and San Diego.

Over the years I have developed a philosophy to not have a specific design style or look, as I feel the most important aspect of a designer’s job is to create an environment which is indicative of the client, project, architecture, and budget rather than stamp my own vision on it.

Visit my website and pop me an email for a unique approach to designing the ideal retail, commercial or residential interior space.”

haldane logo
retro rustic restaurant interior haldane martin
vintage haldane martin bar design


+27 87 898 4678

Haldane Martin

I focus on innovative hospitality design from designing bespoke furniture that enhances experience to creating original spaces with bold identity.

My iconic designs aim to express identity and the current popular trends through the seamless integration of conceptual depth, aesthetic beauty and elegant functionality in a timeless fashion.

My team and I have won a variety of local and international accolades for stunning interior design of residential, retail and commercial spaces. Visit our website and contact my team today to leave your design process in capable hands!

inhouse logo
modern lounge house interior
in house modern lounge interior


+27 21 488 2400

In-House Brand Architects

In-House is a South African success story that has seen us catapulted from humble beginnings into a firmly established player in the design arena.

Not only are we the go-to design solution for South Africa’s biggest property developers and retailers, but we are also making huge strides into the international scene.

We are well established with experience in commercial, high-end residential and retail spaces. We look at every new challenge as an opportunity to use that great South African initiative to drive creativity.

Visit our website and contact us to find out how we can maximise the creativity in your residential or commercial space today!

Jam design studio logo
jam bar modern design
jam bar minimal modern design


+27 84 227 7277


Johan and Michelle founded JAM, a firm that specialises in styling residential and commercial spaces with unmatched attention to detail.

Our combined creativity allows us to deliver stunning design and functionality for a variety of clients. We’re based in Worcester, and have designed spaces such as restaurants, bars, schools, homes and retail spaces in a variety of establishments in South Africa.

To find out more about our approach, visit our website, contact us via email or visit our Facebook page to stay up to date with our latest projects.

john jacob logo
john jacob modern georgian design
john jacob modern wood design


+27 21 422 0105

John Jacob

My approach to interior design is a holistic one, from the architecture of the space and custom furniture pieces down to the trimming on the last cushion. For me, interiors need to have a narrative, layers of meaning that work together to create not just a cohesive living environment, but also an experience that engages the senses.

Since establishing John Jacob interiors in 2005, we have gone on to create highly bespoke interiors locally in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as designing stunning spaces internationally in London, Berlin, and Oslo.

We’ve also been featured in publications such as House & Garden, House & Leisure, Visi, Elle Decor, and have won multiple awards for our luxurious interior spaces.

To find out how we can create an atmosphere driven by narrative in your interior space, visit our website and contact us today!

paragon interiors logo
paragon interiors contemporary design
paragon interiors contemporary design


+27 11 706 5123


Our core focus is to design workspaces that inspire innovation, promote employee engagement, and increase productivity.

We conceptualise and create spaces that mesh functionality and style, and we’re nuts about close attention to detail when it comes to colours, fixtures, and unique finishes.

Our aim is to create productive work environments that don’t conform to the regularity of rows of cubicles in a stuffy, cramped space. We have been office design specialists for over 20 years and we know that to motivate your team and make sure they’re ready to take on any task-at-hand, you need a space that inspires with its own vibrant energy.

To find out how we can overhaul your office interior today, visit our website and contact us so we can set our sights on your unique interior design needs!

peerutin logo interior design
peerutin design modern white home
peerutin design home with swimming pool


+27 21 461 1579


Peerutin Architects was founded in 1997 after we spent a decade abroad gaining experience designing a variety of commercial spaces.

We pride ourselves on unmatched strategic planning and flawless execution. Currently, our team consists of 12 architects and technicians all equally committed to producing excellence in contemporary architecture.

Our aim is to bring together beautiful architectural design that surpasses the needs of our clients, delivered on time – and on budget. We offer the edge with comprehensive professional service, offering excellence at every stage of the design and construction process.

To find out how we can assist you in designing your dream residential or commercial space, visit our website and contact us today!

pezula interiors logo
pezula interiors boho
pezula interiors boho rustic


+27 21 424 2661

Pezula Interiors

“We offer a variety of interior design services for crafting spaces that blend style and functionality perfectly.

We also have a range of homeware essentials available for purchase, including fixtures, lighting, decor, prints, textiles and more.

To find out how we balance functionality and style in your residential, retail or other commercial space, visit our website and contact us today!

rumour has it logo interior design
rumour has it modern outside pool area
rumour has it modern interior


+27 21 883 8745

Rumour Has It

We’re a world-class interior design studio studio offering our services in South Africa and internationally.

We offer a range of services including concept development, brand architecture, space planning, technical drawing & product development as well as 3D visualization & modelling. Our portfolio includes stunning interior design for both commercial and residential spaces.

Visit our website to have a look at our portfolio and contact us to start your interior design dream project today!

salome gunter interiors logo
salome gunter georgian interior
salome gunter georgian interior


+27 73 145 7170

Salome Gunter

Our team offers quality interior design services for residential and commercial spaces.

We have an experienced team, well versed in creating stunning home interiors, interiors for clinics & centres, hotels, and a variety of other properties.

Our approach is focused and we use our well-honed skills to develop the vision you’ve always had in mind for your space. Have a look at our portfolio on Facebook with an array of chic and rustic homes, and keep up to date with our latest projects.

To contact us and start designing a warm and inviting interior, visit our website today!

saota logo interior designer
SAOTA modern home
SOATA contemporary modern home


+27 21 468 4400

SOATA / Antoni Associates

We are a fast growing interior design and architectural firm with a global footprint in 6 countries!

Our success is driven by a dedicated team and blending form with function flawlessly. We are focused on using the most current computer technology in our design process to understand the design holistically and to communicate the vision for the project accurately to our clients. To this end, we are world leaders in the use of Revit and have also developed virtual reality tools for use in our design process.

We’ve also been featured in publications like Forbes Africa, Marie Claire, and House&Garden, and the rest of our press mentions and portfolio can be found on our website.

To contact us and bring the vision for your perfect commercial or residential space to life visit our website today!

soda custom logo
boho interior restaurant soda
modern rustic design soda


+27 11 440 9994

Soda Creations

We specialise in bespoke interior design and project management.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of interior design, furniture design, and project management.

Soda has branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town but can handle projects just about anywhere. We pride ourselves on our timeous completion of projects; being out of the box designers while being budget-conscious.

Soda has its own shopfitters and a dedicated team of subcontractors, including electricians, plumbers, and tilers amongst others.

    Soda’s main focus areas are:

  • Hospitality (Restaurants, Boutique Hotels, Bars, Night Clubs, etc)
  • Retail (Clothing stores, etc)
  • Domestic Interiors and Custom furniture
  • Executive Offices

Style any domestic or commercial interior with a unique eye-catching spark! Enjoy commitment creative support from the concept phase right through to implementing your dream interior flawlessly. Contact the Soda Creations team and book a consultation today.

source logo
source iba modern boho
source IBA contemporary warm design


+27 21 461 9998

Source IBA

We are a multi-skilled collection of designers, technical wizards and free-thinkers, who strive to deliver great design to great projects. Awarded, experienced seniors guide the fresh enthusiasm of dynamic newcomers while collaborative efforts with clients and fellow consultants provide two-way insight.

We believe that while people have the ability to shape space, 3D space can in return possess the magic to orchestrate human experience. It is this central focus on the human aspects of interior architecture and design that motivates the studio to create environments that inspire, guide and reward.

We’ve worked with clients such as Woolworths, Virgin Atlantic, Tsogo Sun, and Stanlib, but our full portfolio is on our website.

To get in contact with our capable, specialised studio team visit our website and send us an enquiry today!

studio a logo
studio a modern bar interior
studio a bar interior



Studio A

We are an international award winning boutique interior architecture firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa dealing with projects on a global scale, throughout Africa, the UAE & USA.

We focus strongly on signature projects as specialising in hospitality and residential projects on a turn-key basis, from initial design to completion.

Studio A’s portfolio of completed projects includes some of the most spoken about hospitality spaces in the country and abroad.

To get in contact with our the dedicated Studio A team to design your dream residential or hospitality project, visit our website to send us an enquiry!

studio leelynch logo
rustic contemporary interior nandos studio leelynch
rustic contemporary interior studio leelynch



Studio LeeLynch

I studied Visual Art at Stellenbosch University, and through my years of undergraduate and postgraduate study, I developed a particular aesthetic vision. This has been the driving force behind a career built on a passion for the creative world of interiors, styled experiences and design. At the heart of our vision at Studio Leelynch is the showcasing of South African design and craft both locally and globally.

Having worked in interior design, rebranding, visual communications, interior/design magazines, and art direction, I have had the privilege of drawing together and working in collaboration with many varied, talented people across all aspects of design and production. It’s with this experience, that I decided to create Studio Leelynch.

As a team and through our work we aim to share a different perspective of South Africa through design and creativity. This approach allows us to overturn outdated ideas about Africa and its place in the world. This is ultimately our intention and focus.

We are versed in creating stunning interior spaces for restaurants, boutiques and other commercial spaces like our work at the Woodstock Exchange in Cape Town.

To get in contact with our team, visit our website and send us an enquiry with some info about your the vision for your interior design project!

sue bond logo interior design
Georgian white design sue bond
Georgian white design sue bond


+27 81 049 7294

Sue Bond

My background in real estate motivated my passion for changing spaces. Many years of helping sellers prepare their homes for sale and encouraging buyers to buy a ‘renovators dream’ made me realise design was in my blood. Creating and changing spaces to optimize what is available, creates a lifestyle that can literally change the way you live your life.

I am inspired by my travels, having lived in Hong Kong for four years – a city that is a melting pot for a variety of cultures – I have been exposed to design from all over the world. Georgian design is one of my favourite styles as it provides a contemporary twist. I also bring some Asian inspiration to my work based on my travels. The combination of these styles allows me to create bespoke interiors with my team.

For a specialised approach to exquisite interior design visit my facebook and send us an enquiry.

wedylandts logo
modern interior weylandts
modern contemporary grey interior weylandts


Fill out contact form
+27 21 914 1433


From its humble beginnings in 1964 as a traditional furniture store in Windhoek, Namibia, Weylandts has grown into South Africa’s leading furniture and homeware retailer with 11 stores nationwide.

Inheriting his father’s eye for extraordinary furniture and an appreciation of good living in its widest sense, Chris Weylandt has developed the brand into one that’s synonymous with bold, confident aesthetics and timeless taste. At the heart of Weylandts’ aesthetic vision is the unique fusion of clean, contemporary design with the soul of natural material.

For quality furniture and decor to add style to your interior space, visit our website to look through our catalogue, or visit one of our stores today!

We’ve come to the end of our wrap up of the best interior designers in Cape Town, now it’s all up to you.

Whether it’s residential, corporate, commercial and/or retail, the designers on our list are versed in crafting stunning interior spaces.

Choose your favourite and get started on designing your dream space today!

An interior designer is one way to go about refreshing your living space or workspace – but we know from experience that wallpaper also works wonders!

Liven up your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge or any other space with a variety of wallpapers to suit your taste. We offer an array of local and international artists’ wallpapers with custom printing and installation to craft the interior you’ve always imagined.

Get in touch with Robin Sprong’s dynamic team today, and let us provide advice, custom printing and installation of wallpaper in your residential, commercial or corporate space!

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